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Hi, I’m Patrick. I’ll be your host here at my-dividends.com.

First of all I want to thank you for visting my-dividends.com. Hopefully you will enjoy your visit. If you need any further information, I’d be glad to get in contact with you. I’d like you to visit my blog again, so its good to know something about me.

I was born in 1984. I’m living near to Frankfurt/Germany. After my school time I started to work full-time as forwarding agent in logistics. At the moment i’m still working in logistics and i love my work.

In 2003 I started a business during school and full-time job and created websites for external companies. Also I got knowledge in scripting php/mysql, marketing and affiliate-marketing. This business paid a lot of my lifestyle early.

At this time I got in touch with finance and stocks. One of my clients wanted to pay my invoice, so he needed to sell part of his stocks because he hasn’t enough cash. This was my start in finance. Without having any knowledge of stocks I opened an account with a broker and bought my first stocks. After a short time and all-time looking to the stock quotation I sold them very fast. Why? Because I had no idea how markets are working. I was looking for the price every 10 minutes without having a strategy. The broker fees maintained my account to loss of round about €50.00. For me – as student – it was a lot of money.

After that experience I was still interested into stock exchange and I’ve tried a lot of finance products like Forex. Mostly I traded by demo account – my loss was not very high anymore if i traded real.

I read a lot of fundamental and technical analysis, also I tried a lot of tools for technical stock exchange. I never had any big achievement in doing trading. Now I know the reason for it: I never had any strategy, tried a lot of strategies and never had a goal to reach. Now I have a goal to aim –  my financially independent by age of 50. Its not my goal to be a millionaire or billionaire. Of course I would never say NO to it, but my opinion its not possible without having rich parents, heritage of an aunt or having a good job.

I want to tell you: I’m not an expert, i never worked for a bank or have studied finance. It will be the same for you. I just want to show you and its my opinion – irrespective from your age or job – to become financially independent by inteligent investing in good companies. There are a lot of companies which are producing and selling their products for more than 50 or 100 years.

I don’t want to sell you something or give you any recommendation, but I want to inspire you – so just follow me on my journey. I started with my strategy at beginning of 2015. So you can follow me from the beginning on.

Frankly speaking my capital from 01.01.2015 was nothing – it was $0.00 and no savings available. My income is very middle-class for Germany but if i want a financially independence I need to live frigual and invest intelligent.

If you have any questions about me, kindly contact me. I’m always interested to get in contact with persons worldwide.

Take care!!!

Additional information 03/22/2015:
While I’ve started to write for my-dividends.com I realized that my english is not that kind of perfect I wish to. Be patient with me 🙂




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    Hey Patrick. Thank you for starting this blog. I will follow your journey and I wish you success and happiness. Now you are logging your progress for the world to see so I know you’ll try your best. Good luck to us and cheers my friend.

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