Monthly Update – May 2015

It’s time to publish my Monthly update report to my readers as the new month already started. I’m still very busy with my day-job and my online-business, but still keep an eye on my investments. That’s the reason why I didn’t published any posts last month here on! Here we go with my monthly report!

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What are the problems from an european investor?

Investing into companies which are paying dividends to their shareholders can be a good thing. Passive income by investing is my goal to become financially independent. The idea of not working but have an income is awesome. There are many reasons why somebody is looking for passive income. Some people want to have an extra income to their upcoming pension, some other people want to cover their expenses and some of them want more. That’s why people are interesting in words coming from Warren Buffett. He’s an idol for everyone. Being one of the richest people worldwide, no worries about the future but also a big responsibility. Nobody would say “No” to be the richest of the world.

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My new blog started!

Beginning of year 2015 I started to publish a blog in german about my journey to become finanicially independent by investing in dividend stocks. After realizing that the most investors are coming from US I’ve started another blog about my journey in english. Here we are!

I’m very glad to be your host on which will be the english version of my other blog.

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