Monthly Update – May 2015

It’s time to publish my Monthly update report to my readers as the new month already started. I’m still very busy with my day-job and my online-business, but still keep an eye on my investments. That’s the reason why I didn’t published any posts last month here on! Here we go with my monthly report!


The month was very good and I was able to save more as expected. I track my income and my expenses by excel to have an overview. To save more than 500 € per month (6000 € per year) is one of my goals. In total I already saved 4205,00 € which means 70% of my goal is reached and we didn’t start the second half of the year yet.

In May I added 1000,00 € of fresh capital to my account.


I give you an overview of my purchases last month.

  • 05/01/15 – Omega Healthcare Investors (OHI) – 9 shares@ $38.49
  • 05/05/15 – Johnson & Johnson (JNJ) – 7 shares@ $100.89
  • 05/27/15 – McDonalds (MCD) – 4 shares@ $98.81

End of May I own 10 different companies in my portfolio.

There are a lot of companies on my watchlist and I will be really happy when fresh capital hit my account.


I have received my first dividends, which are nice extra income to my full-day job! My monthly cash-flow increased and of course all dividend income will be re-invested very soon in new investments.

  • VZ (05/01/2015) – $ 3.27
  • T (05/01/2015) – $ 2.40
  • KMI (05/15/2015) – $ 5.30
  • PG (05/15/2015) – $ 2.25

Monthly income: $ 13.22
Yearly income: $ 13.22
Total income: $ 13.22

Dividend Increases/Decreases

No increases/decreases published by my holdings.


First of all I’m very happy to announce that I’ve received my first dividend paycheck by 4 different companies. Yes, it feels like a paycheck – a small paycheck but the best of it, I didn’t work for it! Great companies like VZ, T, KMI or PG sent money to me – $13.22 for free-of-work, for nada.

My savings were great too. My goal is a saving rate of 500,00 €, but I doubled it by May. In June I expect to save only 500,00 €.

I purchased three different stocks (OHI, JNJ and MCD) and I’m happy with it. The new purchases will add more free cash-flow to my account.

What are your results? Happy with last month?

Thanks for reading and take care!!!



  1. says

    Nice buys for the month of May with pretty nice current yield in each. I know it’s hard to find companies selling at decent values but some do exist. I still like the Canadian banking sector for value and yield among other names too. Thanks for sharing and look forward to your next update.

  2. Tawcan says

    Congrats on receiving the first dividends. That’s a good milestone to achieve. Here’s to many to come. 🙂

  3. says


    Congrats on your first dividends! The snowball is now moving for you.

    And great job with the savings. You’re blowing your goal out of the water. Looks like you’re going to have an excellent 2015. Keep it up!

    Best regards.

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