My new blog started!

Beginning of year 2015 I started to publish a blog in german about my journey to become finanicially independent by investing in dividend stocks. After realizing that the most investors are coming from US I’ve started another blog about my journey in english. Here we are!

I’m very glad to be your host on which will be the english version of my other blog.

I love blogging about my investments as its like a diary for me. Furthermore I want to inspire, entertain and learn more about investing into companies worldwide. I would be very glad if you feedback my blog. To be in contact with other investors and interested people would be very exciting.

In my published Portfolio you’ll find my investments and the growth of it. Also you can find my Dividend Income as well. In Monthly Budgets I’ll will publish my savings to invest in different interesting companies. If you want to learn more about me and my life kindly take a look to my About Me section.

Take care!




  1. Tango & Cash says

    Hey Patrick,

    it´s interesting to read your blog because i am in a similar situation because i am from Germany too and most of the Dividend Growth Investors are in the US.

    I wish you good luck an i will look up to your blog regularly.


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