My expenses

I just want to give you an overview of my expenses. My main goal is to reach $25000.00 by dividends, but my another goal is to live frugal. Since few years I’m writing down my expenses to have an overview about them. Every year I’m trying to keep down my expenses. Recalling some unneeded contracts, stuff I don’t need, looking for another offers for telecommunication, insurance etc… Some expenses I cannot miss as its some of my lifestyle. For me now living frugal is to think twice about luxus. Do I need it really? Could I get it cheaper? Questions about Questions.

Early these days I bought stuff without leaving any thought about it if I need it really or not! I’m that kind of a guy who’s loved to going out, doing party, buying a lot of unneeded stuff, having a nice watch and driving a big car. Do you know that people just look about these things? Is it real or do I only things that other people like me? Now I don’t care – because those people don’t take care about me. I’m looking for freedom, looking for more time with family and friends, being healthy and have enough time to doing things I like/love to do!

Anyway, my expenses by month are as follows. I think its quite interesting for people who are not living in germany to see expenses from here.

Rent $850.00
Insurance $6.00
Mobile phone $60.00
Internet/Phone $60.00
Pay-TV $25.00
Gym $25.00
Motorcycle Insurance $16.00
Motorcycle Tax $4.00
Others $25.00
Additional costs $400.00

The total expenses are $1071.00 ($12852.00 per year). Additional expenses are for food, fuel of motorcycle and other expenses. Its around $400.00 additional costs.

As you can see the rent is my biggest position with about 79 % of my total expenses. Living near to a city like Frankfurt is not cheap, and its an average of apartments in Germany. To find another apartment is not easy nowadays.

Mobile phone costs are really high, as I already have recalled it, and hopefully will be less end of the year (11/2015). The same to Internet/Phone. Recalled and hopefully will be less beginning of next year (02/2016).

Pay-TV! Yes, its one of the unneeded stuff and I just bought it because I like to watch soccer. I know soccer its not really popular in countries like US or Canada. In Germany its the most viewed sport.

Also I like to drive my bike. Its a kind of emotional to drive fast, sometimes over the speed limit and while I’m driving my bike its really relaxing after a hard work day. So I don’t want to miss my bike anymore.

What is my saving potential? To save more money I can only save on my additional costs like food & fuel.

What do you think?

Thanks for reading and take care!


  1. says

    wow $25,000 by dividend is a lofty (but very achievable) goal by anyone’s standards I must say. I think it’s safe to say that you’re managing your money to remain lean and light as possible. Are you increasing your earned income to put into your dividend portfolio and compounding those dividend earnings?

    • Patrick says

      Hi Mark, thanks for your comment! It’s the plan to put increased earnings and dividend income into the dividend portfolio.

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