Everybody who’s investing into assets is looking for any return-of-invest. My goal is to become financially independent by an age of 50. As I started with capital of $0.00 it will be a hard way, but not impossible. The way to keep on track will take a lot of savings and living frugal.

I will try to save 20 up to 50 % of my income by my full-time job. Other income like dividend income, income by online business or other income will be re-invested.

To become financially independent I’ll need in 2035 (20 years left) around $25000.00 to cover my yearly expenses. My actual expenses are approx. 12.000.00 EUR which is nearly $13.000. Due to currency exchange, inflation and more expenses while the next years I think $25000.00 is a good and ambitious goal.

My main goal: $25000.00 per year by dividends

Milestones of my strategy:

2015 – April I own a 4-figure Portfolio
2015 – March
My first investment is done
2015 – January
Start my strategy of dividend growth investments with capital of $0.00


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    That’s a great goal to strive for Patrick! I can’t wait to see your journey towards that goal. Will be following you on this and hopefully we’ll reach our goals sooner than later!


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