Monthly Budget Update – March

Another month has passed by and I was able to increase my monthly budget up to $500. Already transferred the amount of $500 to my broker account. In total I was saving $1150 since I started to invest into dividend stocks. I’ve started to save on January 2015 and did my first investment on March 2015.

Now I’m looking forward to invest the next $500 in companies who are paying dividend to their shareholders. My portfolio will increase to a 4-figure portfolio. Yes, it isn’t much money right now but not so bad for the start. In April my investment AT&T will have ex-dividend date and my first dividend will hit my account on payable date 05/01/2015. I’m very excited to get be paid for not working by my own hands and hard work. My money is doing that for me from now on. Passive income, welcome to my world.

I published these blog only 10 days ago. But my readers are up to average of 70 visits per day. That’s not bad. Hopefully it will be more in near future. Everybody is welcome to feedback me by comment or sending an email. I’m very glad about it.

What do you think about my start into the new world?

Thanks for reading and take care!


  1. dividendblower says

    Hi Patrick,

    I like you’re way of writing and your thoughts on the weighting of low, medium and high yield.dividenders as foundation for your portfolio. Keep up the good work! AT&T is a holding I plan to invest in the near future, solid company with a great div.yield.

    Best regards,
    Rickard (@dividendblower)

  2. There's Value says

    Hey Patrick! Welcome to the world of personal finance/financial independence blogging! I wish you every success in your goals and many many dividends to come!

    Mit freundlichen Gruessen


  3. says

    I can’t wait for that first dividend to hit your account next month! We all started with nothing, and if you stick to the plan you’ll be rich before you know it 🙂 Thanks for sharing this update!

  4. says


    Nice job! Congrats on crossing the 4 digit mark, soon you’ll be telling us this year about your 5 digit mark. Enjoy that feeling on your first dividend, great company!


  5. says

    Hey Patrick, nice job on adding some cash to purchase some stock in the future. I too, can’t wait for my first dividend from AT&T! It’s exciting to know that we will get paid by these companies for being shareholders in the company!


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