Monthly Update – April 2015

That was long time ago I had published my last post on There were different issues with my WordPress Installation and hacking, so I have to update my complete projects – one of them was Also my days are full of hard working, but now I’ve found some time to update my blog. Here we go!


I was able to save approx. 2000,00 € what has been already transferred to my broker during the last weeks. I’m very happy about it as there were some necessary expenses in April but had also an extra income. Anyway, I’ll try to save more and keep on investing in good quality companies which pay dividends and mostly grow its from year to year. My goal for May is to save minimum 500,00 € or more.

In April I added 2000,00 € of fresh capital to my account.


I give you an overview of my purchases last month.

  • 04/02/15 – Philip Morris (PM) – 4 shares@ $32.85
  • 04/02/15 – Verizon (VZ) – 7 shares@ $49.37
  • 04/10/15 – AT&T (T) – 12 shares@ $32.85
  • 04/13/15 – Procter & Gamble (PG) – 14 shares@ $81.93
  • 04/13/15 – Kinder Morgan (KMI) – 13 shares@ $43.73
  • 04/17/15 – The Coca-Cola Company (KO) – 8 shares@ $40.63

End of April I own 8 different companies. From now on I will reduce my purchases to 1-2 per month. I guess I do own a base now. There are a lot of companies on my watchlist and I will be really happy when fresh capital hit my account.


I didn’t receive any dividends in April, but a few are payable in May, so next month I will receive my first dividends.

Monthly income: $0.00
Yearly income: $0.00
Total income: $0.00

Dividend Increases/Decreases

Following companies increased their dividends in April where I’m shareholder before announcing.

  • KMI – 6,7% increase from $.45 to $.48 per share
  • PG – 3,0% increase from $.6436 to $.6629 per share

That means I’ll receive $2.64 more in dividend income as expected. Based on a 3,5% yield I don’t need to invest $75.45 anymore to reach my goal, but I’ll do it.


First of all I think I’m on the right way. It’s a mess to haven’t enough capital, but surely it will grow from month to month, from year to year, from decade to decade. I’m very happy about my saving of 2000,00 € this month. As I started beginning of this year with 0,00 € in the pocket, I’m very excited to own a portfolio of approx. $3500 now. My first dividend payment will be done in May by T & VZ and there will follow more and more. It will be a small amount, but better than nothing, right? And hopefully I will look at this post in few years and will be happier about the results. Anyway, I won’t stop anymore.

What are your results? Happy with last month?

Thanks for reading and take care!!!




  1. Thomas says

    Hey Patrick,
    you have a nice blog, i will follow your journey!

    yes, my month was a little bit better. I received a total of 632 euros, after around 530 in march. I guess this month will be even better.

    Regards from another German Dividend collecter

  2. says

    Hey Patrick,

    I was wondering why are your entire calculations based on USD instead of Euros. Do you have plans to move to the states anytime soon? Otherwise you would abstract from significant currency risk that can pose a real cost on your net worth and income.



  3. says

    Hey Patrick,

    Nice to see you’re getting back into the dividend game; I’ve just started myself. It’s too bad you didn’t receive any dividends for the month of April, but I like your purchases in Phillip Morris and Kinder Morgan.

    Best regards,
    Dividend Beginner

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