Here you’ll find a overview of my investments. I started to invest into stocks by the dividend growth strategy in 2015 and a capital of $0.00! Kindly follow me on my personal way!

As soon I’ll investing and buying new stocks it’ll be updated by me.

At the moment I’ll receive a dividend income of $191,90 per year which means that 0,76 % of my goal is reached.


  1. says

    Three great stocks to begin with on your dividend journey. Trust me, the numbers add up fast. I am excited that you have this blog so I can follow you from the very beginning.

    • Patrick says

      Hi Anders, nice to meet you. Thanks for stopping by! Let’s see how it works. I’m just a beginner 🙂 Take care.

  2. says

    Hey Patrick. Thank you for sharing this journey with us. I’m excited for you and glad you’ve found a way to better your life with passive income. Take it easy and I’ll be following you my friend. Take care and good luck to us.

  3. There's Value says

    I’m just wondering why you bought RDSB on the NYSE, rather than on the Amsterdam or London markets?

    • says

      yes, you are right. Due to my broker costs I bought them on the NYSE, but due to withholding tax I should buy in Amsterdam/London. My broker costs for NYSE are only €0,55 per purchase, in Amsterdam/London around €4,50. Based on my invested capital it’s a big difference. When I’m going to buy more shares I will buy them in London as withholding tax is 0% instead of 15% in USA/Netherlands. As long as I’m only invest small amounts it’s more interesting to buy XETRA or NYSE. Thanks for stopping by and thank you for your helpful comment.

      • says


        I believe it’s best if you bought the B shares of RDS on the Amsterdam stock exchange because the listing is in EUR there! That’s what I did and it works beautifully.

        The B shares in the Netherlands also fall under the British 0% withholding tax because the ISIN code is GB.

        Hope this was helpful,

      • says

        Hey Patrick,

        nice to see another german “dividend” investor! I also bought RDS.B (and BP) on NYSE because for the single reason that they distribute their dividend in US Dollar. And you won’t pay a withholding tax, because RDS.B/BP have their seat in the UK, regardless where you bought the stock(or ADR)!
        I already received my first dividend of BP in march and you’ll get 100%.

        But other than that, I have to agree with NMW – buying in Dollar isn’t the smartest thing to do right now. Buying in Euro at XETRA or Amsterdam(EAM?) would be much smarter, especially when the respective domain stock exchange isn’t in the US.

        Personally, I borrow the US Dollar right now and will exchange the € in $ when the rate will be above the historical average. But this way you’ll have an ever increasing interest cost and it’s nonetheless a gamble on a falling US Dollar exchange rate at some point in the future.

        Your portfolio looks very good! I wish I had the guts to start in this conservative low-yielding way! As DivHut already said, it’s a classic beginner mistake to chase the yield – myself included.

        Best of luck to you Patrick!

  4. says

    Small but solid dividend portfolio. I’m impressed that you simply did not chase crazy high yielding MLPs or REITs as many new dividend investors do. The lure of high single digit or double digit yield often blinds new investors. Look forward to following your journey and seeing your new purchases and growing dividend income.

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