Sheldon – the bearded dragon!

Since I was beginning to read some blogs I was very excited to read something about private things from different people worldwide. When you read something about new childs were born, blogger get engaged or married or some other things, it’s quite interesting. The section “About me” is one the first pages I read when reading a new website. The background of a person who’s investing is a part of intelligent investing. Of course, we are talking about stocks, about finance and how we can earn cash by investing or trading. It should be still the main topic of a website/blog called for example “”. Anyway, i also want to show my personal site and will publish every week or every two weeks a personal post.

First of all I want to introduce my friend, my pet and somebody who will be with me for next 10 or more years. His name is Sheldon – yes, I  am fanatic Big Bang Theory viewer. The Big Bang Theory is one of the greatest shows ever. Sheldon is with me since nearly two years. He is a Bearded Dragon!


Sheldon at age of 4 month


He loves to chat


Sheldon at age of 1 year


And the last one…


Every time I come home from a hard day of working I’m very happy to see Sheldon. He’s really handsome and as a reptile not bitchy. He’s eating mixed salad the whole day and some grasshopper once per week. He’s home is a terrarium which is located in the living room.

Do you have any pets?

Thanks for reading and take care!!!

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