Recent Buy: Philip Morris (PM)

My recent purchase is Philip Morris (PM).

Philip Morris is one of the biggest producers and seller of tobacco products. They are operating outside of United States. The most-known tobacco brand named Marlboro is owned by Philip Morris.


P/E: 16,4
Market Cap: 120,505 Mil
Current Yield: 5,10%
Growth Dividend: from $2,44 (2010) to $4,00 (2015)

My Investment: 

4 shares @ $77.12 for total $304.90 including broker costs.

The dividend will be $16.00 per year on my account before tax. The YOC will be 5,25%. It will be additional 0,06 % of my goal to reach $25.000 dividend per year.

All of my investments you can follow from my Portfolio site.


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    I just received my first dividend from PM last week! Excited to hold this company and like seeing it in your portfolio also!


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